An Inspired Writer is a place for writers of all experience levels to visit when they are seeking inspiration or encouragement about the written word (or a place to come when they simply want to waste time not writing.)


We are currently seeking 500-1200 word submissions related to the following topics:

  • Inspiring writers to write
  • Inspiring writers to stretch their imaginations
  • Helping writers break through mental blocks
  • Teaching writing concepts
  • Helping writers find their focus
  • Sharing personal writing experiences
  • Connecting writers
  • Building bridges between reading and writing
  • Motivating writers to stop procrastinating

We do not accept previously published material (online or in print), but we do accept simultaneous submissions, as long as you notify us if your piece is accepted elsewhere.

Please email your query or entire submission (copied and pasted into the body of the email) to: info [at] aninspiredwriter [dot] com. Please do not include images.