5 Writing Prompts: Another Snow Day Edition


t’s snowing here.


In New Jersey we’ve literally gotten Nor’Easter after Nor’Easter after Nor’Easter this March. I’d love all the snow days if it meant I could snuggle up with some popcorn and Netflix. And, if I felt so inclined, take a few extra hours to write. Instead I have to keep two hyper children under five occupied — without them damaging the furniture (or each other).

But a girl can dream right? Of a crackling fire, hot cocoa, buttery popcorn, and a remote control all to myself.

Hopefully, unlike me, you’ve got a free day to be creative. If that’s the case, here are some snow-inspired prompts to get you through this wintery spring day:

1. You schedule a weekend retreat at a cottage with a handful of co-workers but you end up getting snowed in for a week. Supplies are low and tensions are high.

2. A child makes a snow angel. It lifts into the air and starts talking.

3. After a snowstorm, giant trees have fallen across the road, making it impassable in either direction. Out of nowhere a neighbor bursts out of her house shouting, “Hurry, help me, please, before it’s too late!”

4. The falling snow has become so polluted that it turns to acid, and it eats away at everything it touches.

5. “Look, over there, do you see that?” He nudges you in the arm. You squint at the hole in the snow bank and see two yellow eyes staring back at you.

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