5 Writing Prompts: Of All The Luck Edition

When it comes to holidays, I’m kind of lazy. The little ones seem to creep up on me, and before you know it, it’s the eve before St. Patrick’s Day and all my green clothes are dirty and lying at the bottom of the hamper.

Luckily, I’m a writer.

Because that means I can celebrate by grabbing a pen and paper or opening up my computer and jotting down some words. That’s one of my favorite perks of this hobby/profession: the ease of which you can get to work. Not to mention it’s fun too.

This year I’m a couple of days ahead! Woohoo! So for your writing pleasure, here are 5 writing prompts that will hopefully inspire you to create a St. Paddy’s Day story of your own.

1. You are running through a park when you trip and land in a field of four leaf clovers. They begin spreading over your entire body.

2. A cursed leprechaun must haunt an apartment building on the eve of every St. Patrick’s Day.

3. You fall asleep on a bus and wake up penniless and without your cell phone, hundreds of miles away from your stop.

4. You are sailing off the coast of England and see a shimmering green island in the distance.

5. “It’s mine!” one brother screamed at the other. “Now that father is gone the pot of gold is mine!”

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